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Our Barn is intended as a 'bridge' between formal education and adult life for young people with learning difficulties or other disability. It is a meeting place for 16 to 25-year-olds (sometimes up to 35 year-olds) to share their experiences and to grow and develop in a setting that is less formal than school or college but still provides structure and support.


We run activities that are fun and focus on our members' interests to help them develop and grow as individuals and in a group. The young people may undergo training for employment or work to enhance life skills.


Our aim is to develop a service that young people are keen to use, with high quality and energetic staff keeping activities safe, engaging and age appropriate.


The original Our Barn started in 2012 at Redlees Play Centre and evolved in response to parents and carers of disabled young people requesting meaningful activities for their older children that helped prepare them for leaving school and starting adult life. The majority of funding for Our Barn at Redlees comes through Hounslow Council's Short Breaks offer. We have access to additional funding that allows residents of other boroughs to attend 


We have now developed additional provision, a gardening project at our new training base - Jubilee Lodge in Osterley Park. Our team contributes to work in the Tudor style kitchen garden, learning Horticulture and other skills for work and a more independent adult life.


Additionally, we have a project for those aged up to 35 who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) called Our Futures, some multisports and a drop-in session for carers. We also operate a mini social enterprise: Buddy Bicycles, providing disability cycling in Osterley Park and a fantastic work experience project for all our service users. 


We welcome comments, suggestions, and any other feedback about what we do - see the contact details in the navigation bar.

Our Current Programme

Sunday Youth Club

Please note we have suspended all new admissions to the youth club: it's full! We are working on a solution.


The youth club at Redlees is our flagship project and the Our Barn name comes from using the log cabin here. We aim to be accessible to all, whatever the support needs. 


Activities include expressive arts, sports, healthy eating, gaining independence skills. The club is held on Sundays 3pm to 6pm at 


Redlees Play Centre

Worton Road




Sunday Mobile: 07933 396851


Led by Kelly and David, it's the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Contact kelly@ourbarn.org.uk for more information.


Social Action

Our social action programme is aimed at getting disabled people's voices heard and raising awareness of our abilities. Activities aim to access our local community at various locations.


We connect with local communities and offer a helping hand: gardening with the elderly residents of Greenham House, creating art for an exhibition, a yoga and dance performance with the Nepalese community, taking part in disability consultations, cooking and serving a meal at the soup kitchen. 


If you are a group that would like to connect with, we would be happy to do what we can.


Youth Club mobile: 07933 396851


Contact kelly@ourbarn.org.uk for more information



Working in the garden at Jubilee Lodge, our group learns horticulture from skilled gardeners, gains work experience and skills needed for adult life. We have our own base for bad weather and are happy to work with schools and colleges. We run most Mondays and Fridays, all year round from 10am to 3pm at


Jubilee Lodge

Osterley Park & House

Jersey Road




Landline: 020 8568 9766        


Led by Judith and Cathy, it's a great way to spend a day.


Contact cathy@ourbarn.org.uk for more information






Our Futures 

this is a Monday to Thursday programme for those aged up to 35 who are not in education, employment or training.


Activities are based on developing self-awareness and confidence, gaining new skills and experience with the aim of securing long-term volunteering or paid employment. We are based at:


The BridgeLink Centre

Summerwood Road




Mobile: 07933 596697     


Contact david@ourbarn.org.uk for more information.





Carers Project

Our drop-in sessions are suitable for anyone who has an unpaid caring role or claims Carers Allowance. We aim to focus on the emotional needs of the carer and practical support to access local services and disability-related benefits. Wednesdays 10am to 12.30pm at


The BridgeLink Centre

Summerwood Road




Office Telephone: 0300 777 2800 (usually goes to voicemail)


Contact karen@ourbarn.org.uk for more information





We run on Tuesday nights, usually 6.30pm to 8pm. Keep active, work as a team and take part in the occasional five-a-side tournament. Keep an eye on our social media pages for details as the venue varies depending on the sport. 


We operate an online booking system that keeps everybody updated.


Multisport Mobile: 07933 396851


Contact kelly@ourbarn.org.uk for more information.














Buddy Bicycles

Part of our mission is to remove some of the barriers disabled people experience in all aspects of life. We are running an adapted cycle  scheme in the grounds of Osterley Park, alongside the general hire scheme run by the National Trust. We offer opportunities for volunteering and learn all aspects of a mini social enterprise.


Accessible to all! There is a small charge to contribute to the extremely high cost of accessible cycles.


Telephone: 0300 777 2800 (usually goes to voicemail)


Contact karen@ourbarn.org.uk for more information


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